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What Causes High Pressure Hose Of Damage

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 18, 2015

High pressure hose wall inner and outer layers are oil and rubber, in the middle (2-4 layers) cross woven wire or twisted wire. Poor quality of the hose occur: plastic wall of uneven thickness; wire braided too tight, too loose or too few layers of steel wire; hose pressure after deformation (elongation, shortening or bending deformation) is large; outer rubber airtight poor lead to wire corrosion; poor sealing inner plastic leaving the high-pressure oil easily into the wire layer; inadequate adhesion layer and the layer of wires. The above will cause the hose to withstand reduced, eventually bursting at the weaknesses wall.
    Withhold withhold the amount and speed of hose and connector assembly when inappropriate choice, or the joint structure and, material, size selection is unreasonable, can lead to pressure hose and fittings too tight or too loose, resulting in early joint damage.
When assembled, if the withholding amount is too small, that is, between the connector and the weight of too loose hose, hose during the initial period it is possible to emerge from under the effect of hydraulic fittings; if withholding is too large, the weight of the connector and hose tight, hose inner easily lead by local damage, cracks, high-pressure oil from the ruptured directly into the wire layer, and then he went along the gap between the wire coat tails discharge, or has fled somewhere along the wires of the layer build up , the outer layer of plastic produced drum kits or even rupture. Hose and fittings in the assembly, if the withholding too fast, likely to cause gum damage and wire layer fracture, so the hose in use prematurely.
    In addition, the joint design is unreasonable, poor processing quality, can also cause damage to the inner plastic; if connector material inappropriate choice in the withholding process is easy to deform, thus affecting withholding quality, so that shorten the life of the hose.
Under the premise of quality assurance, if used properly, will greatly shorten the hose to life. Practice, most of the high-pressure hose to damage are due to improper use.
(1) subject to frequent, intense pressure shocks. High pressure hose burst occurs, are generally not subjected to hydrostatic pressure caused by too much due, but with the severity and frequency of stress-related shocks. Construction machinery when the job will be repeated in the case of a sudden increase or decrease oil pressure appears within the tubing, the tubing thus constitute frequent pressure shocks, leading to increased seal damage ministries, blistering and loose hose rupture and bleed fittings drain phenomenon. Therefore, in operation, the valve stem can not be pulled too much, we must be gentle.
(2) the oil temperature is too high. When the construction machinery operations, the hydraulic system due to power loss leaving heating oil, coupled with the impact of the outside temperature (especially in the summer), make a sharp increase in oil temperature. Oil temperature is higher, the more easy to aging rubber, elastic variation, strength and sealing performance degradation, hose will soon burst. Thus, in operation, when the hydraulic system in the temperature is too high, too fast, it is timely to identify the reasons, be excluded; summer job, especially when continuous operation, should take the necessary measures to cool down.
(3) hose selection, installation unreasonable. When replacing the high-pressure hose, the choice of the length of the hose, wire layers, joint shape and size must be reasonable, and should minimize the degree of bending the hose; when tightening the coupling nut, do not make the hose is twisted, excessive bending and distortions will greatly reduce the life of the hose; some friction prone area should take protective measures to prevent the hose burst due to wear.