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Take Appropriate Measures To Strengthen And Protect The Structural Design Of The Metal Hose

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

In the structural design of metal hose, in order to increase the carrying capacity of the bellows, avoid injury suffered mechanical aspects, must take appropriate measures to strengthen and protect, for smaller diameter bellows, mostly armored steel mesh sleeve structural form.

Strength Analysis of metal mesh sleeve, first find out the relationship between the structural parameters and between them.

Nets is composed of several stocks, a number of roots per share, a diameter d of woven wire. It is coated with certain rules on the bellows cylinder surface.

Therefore, in order to rationally utilize the strength of the metal mesh sleeve, we must understand the carrying capacity of the bellows.

Due to the metal mesh sleeve for the "bones" of the hose is the predecessor of modern metal hose, so before analyzing modern metal hose nets strength, let's examine the hose wire mesh under stress conditions case, a small rigid hose, so the load due to the pressure medium consists essentially of a wire mesh bear. Metal hose and hose different, because they are much larger than the transverse stiffness of the longitudinal stiffness. Therefore, a large part of the lateral load media pressure caused by the bellows to bear, but mainly by the longitudinal load to bear a metal mesh.