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SAE Hydraulic Hose Excellent Performance

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2017

Hoses are a building material that can be seen everywhere in our lives. However, hydraulic hoses are much more powerful than hydraulic hoses, both in shape and performance, and not only have a more comprehensive resistance to erosion in internal structures The surface layer, as well as support the skeleton of the steel layer and so on. Xiaobian today to come to all of us to introduce some of the hydraulic hoses of this building materials, SAE hydraulic hose and its standards also do a brief introduction, then interested in this onlookers come!

Hydraulic hoses are a type that is superior to an ordinary hose both in terms of performance and in effect. It is mainly composed of an inner layer and a middle layer and a number of turns wound wire, in which the inner layer acts Is to allow the delivery of media to withstand a certain pressure, SAE hydraulic hose while allowing the wire from erosion, while the outer layer is to be able to make the wire does not receive other types of damage, both cleverly with the inside of the wire layer Skeleton material to play a certain role in enhancing. It can not only use the hydraulic power of water, gas and other media delivery, but also on the oil and other high-pressure medium for transmission, SAE hydraulic hose so that will be able to ensure continuous circulation of liquid flow, energy is also passed.

Hydraulic hose as a hydraulic transmission power pipe, which naturally has a set of standards can not be ignored, let us look at the following details of those national standards: hydraulic hoses in domestic and foreign trade is used in the DIN, SAE, ISO and GB / T standards, which is a judge the quality of hose standards, SAE hydraulic hose in commodity trading plays a very important role. And another wire braided hydraulic hose Finally there is a hydraulic hose for the wire wound hose standard, that is, EN & nbsp; 856, SAE & nbsp; J517, GB / T & nbsp; 10544-2003, ISO3862. These standards are mainly used for commercial hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic Hose Usage In general, hydraulic hoses can be used in oilfield mining and engineering construction, lifting and transportation, as well as ships and agricultural machinery, SAE hydraulic hose due to their excellent performance and special construction. Automatic hydraulic system transmission plays a very important role.

Above Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the relevant knowledge of hydraulic hoses do not know we have mastered it, in fact, we also need to pay attention to the purchase of hydraulic hoses a lot of related selection skills, you know, not the smaller the radius of the hydraulic soft The better the tube, we have to test the installation environment in a certain deformation and then use.