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Rubber Tubing Wide Range Of Application

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Rubber tubing is widely used in construction machinery, metallurgical industry, mining machinery, petrochemical, power equipment, machine tool manufacturing, port machinery, shipbuilding, aviation, food, papermaking and other fields.

Including: (1), internal plastic, (2), strengthen the layer, (3), external plastic. The preparation method and oil-resistance evaluation method of the rubber tubing are also provided. Rubber Oil Hose The rubber tubing is used in the automobile, which has excellent oil-resistance effect and simple production characteristics.

The rubber tubing size specification is 6 minutes (D19) 1 inch (DN25) two kinds. An inch of hose is generally used for large-flow refueling machine plus tubing. 6-point hose diameter of 19mm, the outside diameter is about 30mm 1 inch hose diameter of 25mm. Inside with anti-static wire mesh, Rubber Oil Hose smooth and soft tube surface, there is no hardening, not bloated, cold, wear-resistant, long-life and other advantages.

In the early 80 's, in Germany, Japan, the United States, France and other developed countries have begun to apply. Europe and the United States since 2003, also in raw materials require the use of environmentally-friendly TPU to replace PVC. Some early nylon hose manufacturers such as Asia and other are also gradually trying to make rubber tubing.

The 90 's has been widely used in hydraulic, pneumatic, mortar transport, Water conservancy, medicine and other industries. Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a product between rubber and plastic. Rubber tubing has excellent flexibility and high temperature resistance, Rubber Oil Hose but also has some plastic corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, low-temperature resistance, tensile and other properties.

Rubber tubing can be a natural rubber $number times, wear resistance is the natural rubber $number times, anti-aging performance is natural rubber $number times; can work between -40℃~120℃. Thermoplastic rubber tubing is widely used and wide in scope. From the pressure, it can not only do low pressure hose, steel wire reinforced high-pressure hose and fiber reinforced high-pressure hose; from the suitable medium, Rubber Oil Hose it can do all kinds of trachea, woodworking industry, hydraulic tubing, brake fluid pipe, gasoline pipe, diesel tube, lubricating oil pipe, light acid (alkali) pipe, mortar pipe, cleaning pipe, food pipe, drug control, etc. From the applicable industry, it can do a variety of automobiles, motorcycles, engineering machinery, ships, machine tools, trains, mining machinery, Rubber Oil Hose high-pressure cleaning machinery, petrochemical equipment, hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, cable sheath, instrumentation, food equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and other products used hose. Although thermoplastic polyurethane raw materials processing difficult and expensive, but because of its long service life, low cost of use, Rubber Oil Hose social benefits higher than rubber, will become a rubber hose upgrade products.