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Rubber Hose Is Flexible

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Rubber hose is the core component of the hose pump, its deformation characteristics directly related to the hose pump performance and service life.

Rubber hose with easy to clean, long life, low moisture absorption, low permeability, while rubber hose can also achieve a certain degree of transparency, Rubber Water Hose visual monitoring solution flow, but also with high temperature sterilization, autoclave advantage. Therefore, in industrial production and social life, the rubber hose is widely used. Rubber hose manufacturing materials, Rubber Water Hose has been extended by the rubber to plastic, most of the hose lining, the outer layer, etc., are made of thermoplastic plastic. Hose reinforcement material has been replaced by synthetic fibers and cotton, high-strength steel wire has also been added to the hydraulic hose, we can see that the application of new technology and new technology to China's rubber hose manufacturing industry faster The 1 hose type According to the hose manufacturing process, Rubber Water Hose the rubber hose can be divided into the following types, A-type hose: the hard core method is manufactured by the hose, to achieve the control hose diameter size Purpose; B-type hose: the hose made by soft core method, the purpose is to control the hose diameter; C-type hose: hose manufacturing method for the coreless method; D-type hose: Made of flexible plastic hose. 2 rubber hose manufacturing process Rubber hose manufacturing process there are three, the specific content is as follows.

Rubber hose in the defense, chemical, coal and other fields have a large number of applications in the marine oil pipeline also has the application, its advantages are corrosion resistance, high pressure, flexibility, and has the potential in the application of oil field pipeline. 1 rubber hose structure and advantages Rubber hose is a high-pressure composite pipe, generally composed of three layers of structural materials, Rubber Water Hose namely rubber lining layer, reinforced layer, rubber coating, the typical tube structure shown in Figure 1. Lining is generally oil-resistant synthetic rubber, reinforced layer of 2 to 6 layers of wire wound, Rubber Water Hose the outer coating is generally oil, wear, weather aging synthetic rubber.