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Rubber Hose Is Durable

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Rubber hoses are steel braided hoses. The hose consists of an inner layer, a layer of wire braid and an outer layer. Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohols, fuels, lubricants, emulsions and the like.

In contrast to hard tubes, the biggest feature of rubber hoses is bendability. According to the use of working conditions and performance requirements of the difference between the design of the hose vary widely, Rubber Water Hose the common parameters are size, pressure, weight, length, curvature, chemical durability and so on.

Rubber hoses are tubular rubber products for the transport of gaseous, liquid or powdered materials.

Rubber hose is composed of inner and outer rubber layer and skeleton layer. The material of skeleton layer is mainly cotton fiber, synthetic fiber, carbon fiber, asbestos and steel wire.

Rubber hose is commonly known as PVC hose, the main feature is the appearance of beautiful; Rubber Water Hose mainly used in industry, food, medical and other industries.

Rubber hose is characterized by high temperature, oil resistance, flame retardant performance, Rubber Water Hose mainly used in the industrial sector, and the price is high.

Rubber hose by the thickening of wear-resistant rubber layer, multi-layer cloth / curtain line winding enhancement layer, spiral metal wire skeleton layer, the middle layer, wear-resistant weather-resistant outer layer composition

Rubber hose for dredger suction mud mud mortar operation, can also be used for ports, docks, river dredging, urban drainage, etc., at room temperature suction mud, mortar, water, toner, concrete powder, Rubber Water Hose slag and other materials. Transport medium: dredging dredger supporting the use of drainage mud, clean up the sludge, sea water.

Rubber hose in the cleaning of the river, dredging works, filling works, pumping sand works, reclamation works, port expansion works, channel dredging works and other related mortar transport project, through the digging sand suction equipment and then through the pipeline Transported to the designated location, can not be separated from the pipeline.

Rubber hoses include the skeleton layer and the inner and outer layers. Rubber inside and outside the rubber layer has a very stable chemical properties, can withstand adverse weather and environmental impact and erosion, the middle of the skeleton can make the hose will not be deformed. Transport things different, Rubber Water Hose large diameter hose can be divided into different types. Large diameter hose can withstand positive and negative pressure, used in complex environments. For oxygen transmission, hydraulic fluid delivery and so on.

 Rubber hose in the use of attention should also pay attention to many problems.

1, in order to prevent the skeleton due to excessive damage caused by damage, Rubber Water Hose bending radius should be greater than a given bending radius.

 2. Transport different things, to choose different specifications of the hose.

 3. To avoid the pressure is too large and make the tube damage, the use of pressure to balance the gradual adjustment.

4. Do not drag the ground handling, Rubber Water Hose so as not to scratch the external rubber, corrosion skeleton layer.

 5. After the corrosive liquid is delivered, the inside shall be cleaned for the corrosion of the body. In many of today's chemical production enterprises, this pipeline has been fully used, and even this pipe has directly determined the production efficiency of the production industry. Of course, Rubber Water Hose there are many types of such pipes, and different pipes of the complex and diverse materials, according to the use of different areas to decide, and because of the long life, and thus can save the cost of production costs, of course, what to choose Kind of hose its life life is also different, and the quality is uneven, advantages and disadvantages vary.

Rubber hose applications cover a wide range of industrial manufacturing and distribution areas, widely used in petroleum, chemical, ship, dock, tanker, agriculture, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, , Hydraulic, medium such as gas, water, fog, mud, sand, iron tablets, and so on.