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Rubber Hose Has More Corrosion-resistant Characteristics

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Rubber hoses are tubular rubber products for conveying gases, liquids or powder materials.

Rubber hose is composed of internal and external rubber layer and skeleton layer, the skeleton material is mainly cotton fiber, synthetic fiber, carbon fiber, asbestos, steel wire and so on.

Rubber Hose Structure: rubber hose by the thickening of wear-resistant rubber layer, multi-layer folder/cord winding reinforced layer, spiral metal steel wire skeleton layer, middle layer, wear-resistant plastic layer composition

The rubber hose is used for dredger suction and discharging mud to mortar operation, can also be used for Port, wharf, river dredging, urban drainage, and so on, Rubber Water Hose room temperature suction sludge will, mortar, water, toner, concrete powder, mineral powder and other materials. Conveying medium: Dredging engineering dredger matching with drain suction mud, cleaning silt, seawater. Rubber hose in the cleaning of watercourses, dredging works, dredger filling works, sand pumping works, reclamation works, port expansion works, Rubber Water Hose waterway dredging works and other related sediment slurry transport projects, through the dredging and suction equipment continuous work and then through the pipeline to the designated location, inseparable from the pipeline transportation.

The rubber hose comprises a skeleton layer and two inner and outer layers. The rubber layer has a very stable chemical properties, can withstand severe weather and environmental impact and erosion, the middle skeleton can make the hose will not deform. Transport of different things, Rubber Water Hose large caliber hose can be divided into different categories. Large-caliber hose can withstand positive and negative pressure, used in complex environment. For oxygen transmission, hydraulic fluid transport and so on. Large caliber hose should pay attention to many problems when using. 1, in order to prevent damage to the skeleton caused by excessive, Rubber Water Hose the bending radius should be greater than the given bending radius. 2. Transport different things, to choose different specifications of the hose. 3. In order to avoid damage caused by excessive pressure, the pressure in use should be balanced and slowly adjusted. 4. Can not be dragged to carry, so as not to scratch the outside glue, corrosion of the skeleton layer. 5. After the corrosive liquid is transported, the interior shall be cleaned and cleaned for the corrosion of the placing pipe body. Rubber Water Hose In today's many chemical production enterprises, the pipeline has been fully used, and even the pipeline has directly decided the production of production efficiency. Of course, there are many types of pipelines, and different pipelines have complex materials and are based on different areas of use.

Rubber hose with high pressure, small bending radius, Rubber Water Hose strong anti-fatigue performance, especially the adoption of new formulations, product tensile strength than similar products 50%, more corrosion-resistant, high pressure, high-temperature characteristics, Rubber Water Hose the service life than similar products to improve twice times, by the National Chemical Products Quality Inspection Center and on-site use, Technical indicators to achieve and partly exceed the standards of similar products abroad.