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Rubber Hose Good Oil Resistance

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Rubber hoses are steel braided hoses. The hose consists of an inner layer, a layer of wire braid and an outer layer. Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohols, fuels, lubricants, emulsions and the like.


Rubber hose production of the basic process for the wire weaving processing or processing of curtains and canvas processing, hose molding, curing and so on. Different structure and different skeleton of the rubber tube, the skeleton of the processing methods and rubber tube forming equipment vary. Rubber tube need not use the skeleton layer, just use the extruder out of the hose can be; rubber tube need to use the tape wrapped in the inner layer of the molding machine, Rubber Water Hose to attract rubber tube in the shape of the first need to wear metal spiral after the package Nease; knitting and winding hose need to use a special fabric weaving machine or winding machine; knitting hose need to use knitting machines and so on. Hose negative pressure vacuum test bench for hose, hose, shell negative pressure sealing (vacuum test) test, waterproof test, piping and other vacuum testing and testing of gas sealing test, the key is negative pressure Equipment, the system of pipeline sealing test and the key side of the vacuum sealed device, Rubber Water Hose the detection accuracy and sensitivity is very high, widely used in the hose manufacturer quality testing, quality testing units, aviation hose, all kinds of car parts manufacturing units , Product quality inspection stations, research institutes and other hose production, development research and other fields.

Rubber hose as a transmission medium of the connecting pipeline, in many industrial equipment has a daily life applications. In the car equipment is no exception, then the main application of rubber hose in those parts of the car?

In general, rubber hose is mainly used in the car ventilation system and cooling cycle system, such as: rubber hose is mainly connected to the engine and air filter, Rubber Water Hose engine and radiator system, automotive air conditioning system.

As the use of ventilation systems, the general distance from the car engine closer, so the need for hose with temperature, corrosion resistance, oil and other properties, this aspect of different materials and processing technology produced by the hose is also different, such as NBR nitrile rubber widely For the vacuum brake tube, oil resistance is good with high glue, but the resistance to ozone is relatively poor; EPDM EPDM rubber for automotive water pipe series.

The other is the cooling system (cooling) used in the hose, such as radiator hose, air conditioning tube. There are some high-performance materials, such as AEM acrylic high temperature and so on. Rubber Water Hose Each rubber has its own characteristics, so it is particularly important to use the hose material.