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Reasonable Design Of Suction Pipe Structure

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

The suction pipe is a new type which can withstand high forward conveying pressure, and can withstand a certain negative pressure of the light body suction drain hose, this hose by the lining layer and fiber fabric reinforced layer, the lining layer using polyurethane material, fiber fabric reinforced layer using a special polymer materials woven, with pressure, conformal ability characteristics.

The biggest characteristic of the suction tube is that it can withstand high positive conveying pressure, but also can withstand a certain negative pressure, with light weight, Sunction And Discharge Hose bending radius of the operation light and easy to absorb and so on, its weight is only 10% of the same specifications of rubber hose, the bending radius is 1/3 of the rubber tube, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity, Sunction And Discharge Hose this tube to see instead of rubber pipe use , has solved the existing rubber negative pressure tube heavy weight, simultaneously this tube has the oil-resistant, high strength, non-toxic tasteless and so on characteristic. Application field: It can be widely used in oil depot, gas station, shore-wall transportation system and plant oil-guide equipment, Sea cruise fuel supply, chemical loading and unloading, civilian water supply, irrigation and drainage equipment, Sunction And Discharge Hose petrochemical equipment and other fields.

Suction Tube Features: The hose has a small diameter tolerance, oil resistance, heat and other properties of good, lightweight, Sunction And Discharge Hose tube body soft and durable, and other advantages; The small blasting pressure of the hose is more than three times times the working pressure.

Suction pipe Use: Various types of cloth-coated wire conveying (or suction) hose is based on the transmission medium, the selection of the corresponding materials, product structure design reasonable, good quality, Sunction And Discharge Hose sturdiness and durability, is used for transmission, suction (negative pressure conditions) a variety of liquid viscous fluid and powder solid materials such as material medium flexible hose.

The dielectric properties of the adhesive layer can be divided into water pipes, air pipes, acid and alkali pipes, pipelines, such as heat pipe, Sunction And Discharge Hose widely used in industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment, various types of cloth-coated hose is based on the transmission medium, the selection of the corresponding material manufacturing, is used to transport (positive and negative pressure conditions) a variety of liquid viscous fluid and powdery solids and other materials of the flexible