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Precautions For Storage Of Sandblasting Hose

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Sandblasting hose is widely used in stainless steel surface matte, body rust, machinery, ships, bridges, railways, oil pipelines, boilers and port construction industries such as steel surface rust, surface hardening, as well as leather, clothing, glass, stone and other surface carving, Sandblasting Hose spray decorative treatment. If the inner wall sandblasting device is fitted, the inner wall of the pipe can be sprayed with sand.

Construction industry for the use of sand blasting hose generally have to spare, in order to prevent the construction process of sand blasting hose damaged no substitute, Sandblasting Hose affecting the construction progress. What do you need to pay attention to when the spare sand hose is stored?

1 in order to prevent the pipe body pressure deformation when the sand hose is stored, the hose stacking should not be too high, and the general stack height should not exceed 1.5m; Sandblasting Hose The hose is often "inverted" during storage, usually not less than once a quarter.

2, storage of sand blasting hose and sandblasting machine accessories storehouse, should keep clean, ventilated, sandblasting hose relative temperature below 80%, Sandblasting Hose the temperature in the storeroom should be kept between -15~+40°c, and avoid the hose by direct sunlight and rain and snow.

3, sandblasting hose as far as possible in the relaxed state of storage, generally to the inner diameter of the sand hose under 76mm, can be deposited but the disk diameter should not be less than 15 times times the diameter of the sandblasting hose.

4, sandblasting hose storage, should not be with acid, alkali, Sandblasting Hose oil and organic solvents or other corrosive liquids, gases contact; and should be away from the heat source in 1m

5, sandblasting hose during storage, sand hose pipe body is strictly prohibited piling heavy weights, and to prevent external extrusion and damage.

6, sandblasting hose storage period, generally should not be more than two years, Sandblasting Hose and should be the first to use the storage, in order to prevent the storage of too long and affect the quality of sandblasting hose.

7, sandblasting hose storage, according to different specifications should be placed separately, do not mix stacked, and signs to access.