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Metal Hose Steel Braided Mesh Sleeve Spindles Strength Of Nets

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

In China, with steel braided metal hose jacket, currently only individual manufacturers in the trial, in order to discuss issues strength steel nets, following a brief introduction.

The so-called metal hose nets woven strip, is the strip by several dozens of bars or certain width along the corrugations battalion bus was a certain angle, and intersect each pin mounted on the outer surface of the bellows. Therefore, the steel nets knitting, theory determination will depend on the width of the outer diameter of the bellows, weaving angle and steel spindles. However, in practical application, if the parameters determined by the theoretical formula to weave nets, is bound to have the bellows is completely shielded result, tight nets form a rigid cylinder sleeve on the outer surface of the bellows so that the bellows can not play a role. In order to keep with steel braid sheath of metal hose also has such a characteristic metal wire braid hose sleeve, must be less than the actual width of the strip width theory, that is, network sets of bellows coverage ratio to less than 1. Only in this way, the elasticity and flexibility of the bellows can be reflected, this ratio is smaller, it will reflect more fully.

If the outer diameter of the bellows has been determined, the number of steel ingot, braiding angle, the actual width of the strip and the mesh cover ratio is four variables can be adjusted to each other bellows coverage. In determining the parameters of woven steel mesh cover, it must be considered depending on the circumstances.