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Metal Hose Installation Method

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Although compressible metal hose can be stretched, but if not installed in the correct position, it will soon break, reducing service life.

Hoses can be installed horizontally, can also be mounted vertically or diagonally installed, the ideal state is mounted vertically, and should be avoided in the vicinity of the wheels, you can install the baffle when necessary.

Generally divided into three kinds of metal hose length: 1 species is compressed length, ie the length of the hose compression limit position; the first is to install two kinds of length, which is the maximum amount of displacement in the middle half the length of the hose; third is stretched length, the length of the hose is stretched to the maximum time limit.

Hoses should install the hose in the middle position, the so-called installation length. In this position the installation status, can have two hose by moving direction axial load, or if the move only to one direction, it will affect the strength of metal hose, reducing service life.

In the actual installation process, taking into account the results of using a ruler to the amount calculated in accordance with the length of hose and then install it might affect productivity, and some foreign manufacturers ruler mounted directly on the hose, cut off after the installation of the ruler.

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