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Installation Method Of SAE Hydraulic Hose

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

SAE hydraulic hoses are: DIN EN 853, SAE J517, GB / T 3683-2011, ISO 1436;

SAE hydraulic hoses are: DIN EN 856, SAE J517, GB / T 10544-2003, ISO3862.

SAE hydraulic hose installation, but a technical live, each step must be very careful, in accordance with the norms to operate, can not make a little mistake. Below, SAE hydraulic hose the technician will teach you how to install the method.

1, hanging.

One end of the suspension is connected to the suspension rod and the other end is connected to a rope and suspended from a derrick not less than 15 meters from the wellhead. In the free state, the center of the main jaw is about 0.5 meters from the center of the wellhead.

2, leveling.

Screw the leveling screw so that the Hefei hydraulic tubing clamp reaches the horizontal position for operation.

3, the end of the rope.

One end of the tail rope is attached to the derrick and the other end is connected to the rear guide post of the back pliers. The tail rope should be opposite the operator and be kept perpendicular to the hydraulic tubing clamp. Set the tail rope by adjusting the length of the tail rope for the shackle in the event of an accident, SAE hydraulic hose can control the hydraulic pipe clamp about the amplitude of the swing to ensure the safety of the operator.

4, connect the hydraulic oil pipeline.

Hydraulic motor piping interface "O" connected to the oil pressure high pressure hose; into the high pressure hose nominal diameter should be greater than 20 mm, return oil high pressure hose nominal diameter should be greater than 25 mm, so as to ensure the installation continues.

This is the entire installation process, in fact, SAE hydraulic hose have a special technical staff to install, of course, they can learn to operate.

We know that in the actual work SAE hydraulic hoses sometimes burst the phenomenon of the production and operation of causing serious harm, and maintenance is very difficult, often people helpless. So it is a wise choice to minimize this possibility and to stifle the danger in the cradle. Specifically, the prevention of the general approach are the following:

(1) If a farm with a limited deep wheel is active, SAE hydraulic hose it must be operated in a "floating" position instead of a "neutral" position.

(2) If the distributor automatically returned to failure, it must be timely repair can not be delayed. If there is no automatic return of the distributor, farm tools "lift" or "pressure drop" to the end position, to immediately pull back to the "neutral" position.

(3) If the farmer is transported, the speed should be chosen according to the flat condition of the road, and the overload of the piston should be prevented from causing the machine to malfunction and damage.

(4) the opening pressure of the distributor safety valve should be adjusted according to the correct operation of the machine.

(5) according to the actual situation of the soil to master the extent of pressure drop farm tools, SAE hydraulic hose rather than unlimited "pressure drop", it is likely to cause damage to the machine.