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Good Softness Of The Suction Pipe

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

Suction PIPE Structure: it is composed of rubber inner layer, multi-layer clamp cloth, curtain line, steel wire surround reinforcing layer, weather resistant wear-resisting function superior composition.

Suction PIPE Classification: According to the task pressure form can be divided into high-pressure suction pipe and low-pressure suction pipe, Sunction And Discharge Hose the low-pressure suction pipe is divided into low pressure suction pipe (positive pressure) and low pressure suction suction pipe (negative pressure).

The suction tube is made of high quality special synthetic rubber mixture, and under the absolute precondition of high quality and durability, the suction pipe is applied to all occasions where all kinds of media are transported without fault. Therefore, the typical application areas are: Marine engineering technology, logistics, Sunction And Discharge Hose large-scale storage tank, iron and steel metallurgy, mining industry and construction industry. According to the customer's demand, we produce the rubber tube inner diameter range is $number mm to $number mm. Sunction And Discharge Hose A wide range of suction pipe, complete specifications, the product not only has other pipes of the diversion sealing performance, but also has good softness, scalability, weather resistance, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance displacement changes and vibration reduction and other notable characteristics.

Product structure:

The hose is composed of inner rubber layer, middle glue layer, Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ layer steel wire braided layer and outer glue layer.

2 Use of products:

It is suitable for transporting hydraulic fluid such as alcohol, hydraulic oil, oil, Sunction And Discharge Hose lubricating oil, water, emulsion, hydrocarbon, etc., so as to realize high-pressure transmission of fluid or hydraulic power.