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Application Of Difference Between Ordinary Steel And Hydraulic Pipes

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 18, 2015

Ordinary steel pipe is generally used in precision machinery or systems for steel and pressure-resistant special requirements, hydraulic pipe generally require the use of higher precision, high pressure seamless steel tubes.
    At present, the steel used in hydraulic systems are mainly stainless steel seamless pipe, seamless steel pipe ordinary, DIN2391 high-precision hydraulic pipe, stainless steel seamless pipe although with superior mechanical properties, but expensive, low precision, has not been widely used . Although ordinary general seamless steel pipe, but its poor mechanical properties, low precision, usually after a series of soldering prior to use, test equipment, pickling, caustic washing, washing, long string of oil, leak testing, process complex, time consuming and expensive material is not reliable, and has been unable to completely remove the residue of the inner tube, has become a major hazard at any time the entire hydraulic system failure. As noted in the statistics, 70% of the hydraulic system failure is the cause. Tip: general seamless steel pipe used in the hydraulic system of complex processes virtually become a high-investment, high-consuming work, so that enterprises greatly increased costs.
    Jingjiang City Zhiqiang hydraulic machinery parts factory is the production of hydraulic tube, high pressure hose, low pressure fabric hose, metal hose, hydraulic fittings, coal dedicated hose, high pressure nylon resin pipe, high temperature steam hose, large diameter steel pipes, high temperature jet mill stone seal hose, high pressure tubing protective cover, ring, the combination of pad, seal professional manufacturers. Strong technical force, advanced process equipment, detection means complete, reliable product quality.