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After Aging Hose Must Pay Attention To Security Risks Regular Replacement

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Many of my friends know, after residents of the user's home aging gas hose there are security risks, we must pay attention to regular replacement; but the bathroom is used to connect a handheld showerhead, metal hose also require periodic replacement, which is, you know?

Many people buy refurbished showers are valued shower head part is good or bad, but often overlooked part of the metal hose. In fact, as part of the metal shower hose to withstand frequent use of twist, and therefore their quality metal hose is also very important. What problems arise so easily on the metal hose it?

1. The metal hose leaking. This is mainly due to some decorating shop owner irresponsible, threading pipe with poor quality metal hose instead of good sealing performance, resulting in leakage. If it is too hot out of the hot water, it may burn the skin. So when choosing a handheld showerhead, must be carefully observed metal hose. Do not be cheap to buy poor quality showerhead.

2. wound metal hose. Long hand shower with time, due to the frequent twisting metal hose use, not replaced, it is prone to wound problems, resulting in inconvenience. Under normal circumstances, the previous two years to use metal shower hose needs to be replaced. However, many now are very good quality shower and metal hose is anti-wrap, but many shops also offer imported shower, metal shower hose life of these high-quality, relatively speaking will be relatively long, generally 5, 6 years without problems.