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Stainless steel metal hose is embedded a metal wire products

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Stainless steel metal hose is embedded a metal wire hose, inside and outside the wall uniform and smooth, no bubbles, a new generation of ideal liquid delivery stainless steel metal hose, performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, high elasticity, wear-resistant and have excellent solvent resistance (most chemical additives), can be used to pump agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery and food hygiene machinery and other industries; solid stainless steel hose the series applicable to wear force such as dust, powder , fibers, chips and particles, gas and liquid environment for dust and absorb plants, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper and textile fibers, when the anti-protection tube, is often used as the glass industry. Pier. steel mill. pit shipbuilding conveying plant. cement plant with a tube.

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