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Rational use of the metal used in the construction of the hose.

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

A giant building, the hall air conditioning is provided by a fixed unit in the basement 6FWB. Unit vibration through this bridge connecting the metal hose lines, has been passed down within the ground hall, the noise value of 45dB. In such an environment, people always feel a sense of discomfort. The improved design, the connecting pipe metal hose series, not only absorb some of the noise generated by the unit vibration, noise piping fluid pulsation generated is also absorbed a lot, this time within the noise floor hall value is only 33dB, greatly improved the Chamber of environment.

Position because of the need to compensate the pipeline loading and unloading of the mold, activity cylinder vulcanizing machine will make the up and down direction of movement. After the copper coils reciprocates repeatedly, fatigue fracture occurs, although after the repair can continue to use, but parking can cause loss of time to repair. Rubber tube, while having good flexibility characteristics, fatigue resistance is also very strong, but in the pressure, temperature, aging and other aspects are the weak link, generally after several months of use, can no longer continue. Metal hose good overall performance in this fully reflected. In general industrial fields, in addition to the pressure, the temperature, but also there is often