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Metal hose What are the characteristics of the material

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Metal hose connectors at both ends: the joint includes a threaded connection, flange connection, quick connector connection. Three action metal hose: reduce pipeline installation stress, nominal compensation pipeline position to absorb vibration piping system.

Stainless steel mesh cover is woven metal main bearing member mounted in the pressure hose pipe, while the metal hose protective effect, according to the pressure in the pipe size and application areas, you can choose one or more layers of stainless steel wire or steel belt is made according to certain parameters woven metal forming high pressure hose, I produced the metal braided hose pressure range usually ask PN0.6-32.0MPa, up to 42.0MPa. Stainless steel mesh nets mainly cover two types of nets and steel.

Corrugated metal hose Features:

1, the recommended maximum allowable amount of expansion of each wave: Full-△ α = ± 24mm Half-△ α = ± 12mm.

2, block gray plate: less dust on duct pipe can not use, for dusty flue files drywall should be used.

3, in order to reduce the wave number bellows should be considered cold-drawn by 50%.

4, the standard half-high corrugated metal hose is suitable for cross-sectional area less than 4.6 square meters and a smoke duct Dimensions in while less than 1.5m but greater than 0.6mm occasions. Standard full-height corrugated metal hose for all the smoke duct.