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Hydraulic hose construction

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2016

Hydraulic hose structure is usually divided into: the inner layer, the outer layer and the skeleton layer (or intermediate layer). The tube directly bear the conveying medium wear, erosion; the outer layer to protect the body from the external environment of hose damage and erosion; skeleton layer is the layer of pressure hose, tube gives strength and stiffness. Hose working pressure depends on the material and structure of the skeleton layer.

Full rubber hose

Full rubber hose

Different skeleton layer, the common hose are:

Full rubber hose (no fabric material)

Fabric hose (skeleton layer is a fabric layer)

Fabric hose

Fabric hose

Suction hose (outer fabric layer and a layer of metal spiral for work under vacuum conditions)

Braided hose (skeleton layer of woven wire or fabric)

Winding hose (skeleton layer wire or cord winding layer, endurance is common in 80 ~ 600MPa even higher pressures)

Suction hose

Suction hose

Knitted hose (skeleton layer knitted fabric)

Short fiber hose (short fibers and rubber blend pressure is made)