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High-temperature high-pressure hose production environment prone phenomenon

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Sell high pressure hose may encounter friends, often encounter a high pressure hose factory quality problems in the summer. In fact, this is already a commonplace thing. Especially the particularly sensitive to the manufacturers, this time to do a high-pressure hose.

Why is this so?

Listen to me carefully:

Do high pressure hose course, there is a link is very important that the water temperature problem.

High temperature problem, mix in the mixing process, if not properly managed, it is easy to cooked glue. Summer to winter, the temperature is relatively high in itself, on the basis of the mix when the temperature control of the control is not good, will force the oil mix to beat evaporated. Out of the mix (masterbatch) dry, if it is within the plastic masterbatch, then go to feeding (eating sulfur). It is likely that the quality problem.

On the other hand, the inner plastic masterbatch if the feed (eating sulfur), does not control the water temperature, then, the water temperature is too high, it will cause local cooked glue. Appear cooked glue particles. These particles is high pressure hose leak risks appear.