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High pressure hydraulic hose more layers, the higher strength

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Hydraulic hose is mainly carried out by the oil and rubber production, with anti-corrosion characteristics, mostly one or the more layers, the more layers, the better the conditions of high temperature and very high tensile strength, hydraulic hose can withstand a variety of gasoline, oil and other products with good flexibility performance, manufacturers own mold development, can quickly respond to customer needs development of new products, it is widely used in various industries hydraulic engineering in.

 Hydraulic hose generally one dish 30 meters in length, if you have special requirements other lengths can be customized, and because the hose often used in oil exploration, oil of various transport medium, so that the cleaning of hydraulic hoses is a major operation, as a portable pneumatic tools, for a clean selection of the host, it can be easy to use, when to use the advantages of having a brisk, people dirt before cleaning product more quickly, of course, the traditional Most have acid phosphate cleaning process, prior to installation requires a string of oil before the oil pipeline string is stored for some time because there is dust or water, if clean again with our products will greatly reduce the amount of oil and filters required string the number of hydraulic hoses after cleaning may be able to effectively reduce costs, increase efficiency, no blockage and if the hydraulic hose woven story to 6 or more layers are of the enhancement layer, such a product to be compared with ordinary products the price is higher but the quality is better if we can buy love.