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Fabric hose industry "promoted Skills precision manufacturing"

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

Our fabric hose industry has been in the low end of the international industrial chain division, although the "Eleventh Five-Year" achieved great development, but the gap is still very obvious.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period fabric hose industry more prominent issue is the weight of traditional, weight Omo wide, low technical value, extensive manufacturing level. On the one hand, total domestic textile market is saturated, middle and low product homogeneity, competition has become increasingly fierce.

At present, China fabric hose equipment in automation, continuous, information and intelligence with the world advanced level there are still some gaps. In addition to the obvious gap in terms of reliability, there are now our differences, energy saving, high-end textile products are still mainly rely on imports, the annual import volume of up to about $ 4 billion.

Reasons for this situation are many, and to the "five-second" effectively solve the existing problems cloth hose industry, in addition to the requirements of enterprises in the future should improve their quality and service, increase research and innovation efforts to promote corporate brand building strategy, the State in the future must increase efforts to promote cloth hose construction and machinery, equipment standards and inspection system of quality and reliability.

The next few years, will accelerate the fabric hose industry product structure adjustment, focusing on upgrading the technological level and the breadth four areas of conventional high-pressure hose machinery, industrial cloth hose products and equipment, energy saving equipment, textile machinery parts and other special foundation, tetrafluoroethylene tube, to promote information technology and industrialization, "two of" integration, to enhance the quantity and quality of the promotion drive to encourage enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, the powerful combination of advantages, optimize the product structure, to extend the industrial chain, improve the level of product support; support products, technology and industry chain as a link, to promote regional cooperation and development of industrial clusters.