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Explanation for the abnormal vibration made of high-pressure tubing

Dongying Guangyou Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2015

High-pressure tubing joints abnormal vibration, resulting in oil spills, it is more complicated. Because the high-pressure tubing connected to a high pressure pump and injection machine, belonging to the fuel injection system, a very important role. Pressure tubing can withstand up to 150MPa high pressure, abnormal vibrations will cause huge losses, there is a big fire hazard. To troubleshoot, work injector needle opening and closing high-pressure pipeline will have a strong high-frequency vibration, which is one of the important causes of damage to high-pressure tubing. To do this, use the middle of the high pressure tubing clamp fixed to the adjacent bolts and other fasteners to reduce resonance. Also make a good quality of high-pressure tubing, shall correct assembly, the folder should be installed in the correct position, not missing equipment.

If the high-pressure tubing joints leakage, we need to know some of the emergency measures, first with flexible sheet metal or plastic sheet cut into small round ring pad in the fitting recess, and then the pressure on the trumpet; furthermore next step is to use Fuses, cotton laps wound down in the direction of tightening the shoulder at the joint tighten the nut, the pad can be coated with soap or chewed bubble gum, chewing gum and other nut seat in the mouth.